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Container: 138gm Tin 
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Substance Type: Ointment 


  • Camphor - Is a ketone. Externally it acts as a rubefacient (increases blood circulation) and mild analgesic and acts in liniments as a counter irritant in fibrositis, neuralgia. 
  • Oil of Eucalyptus - Essential Oil used as a carminative. 
  • Menthol - Chiefly used to relieve symptoms of bronchitis and sinusitis. It dilates the blood vessels causing a sensation of coldness followed by an analgesic effect. It relieves itching. 
  • Lanolin - An emollient cream which penetrates the skin. 
  • Paraffin Wax 
  • Ceresin Wax 


A time tested blend of camphor, eucalyptus and menthol designed for cold discomforts and nasal irritation. Helps all the family when a soothing medicated ointment is needed. 

Colds: To relieve the symptoms of head and chest cold congestion, once of twice daily rub medicated ointment vigorously on chest, back and throat. Especially effective at bed time for all-night relief. Try inhaling it as well as rubbing it on your chest. 

Other Uses: As a dressing for chapped hands, lips and for superficial cuts, scratches and burns. Wonderful for bruises, headaches and general aches and pains. Apply thoroughly once or twice a day. For grass burns and muscular aches and pains including headaches. Medicated Ointment brings prompt relief to areas chapped by the wind, dried by the sun or scratched by hard work. Great for minor skin abrasions, scratches and haemorrhoids.

In Rawleigh Medicated Ointment the volatile crystals of menthol and camphor, and volatile oils, are incorporated in a specially prepared base so that when applied to the skin the heat of the body liberates the ingredients in the form of vapours. If applied to the chest, these rising vapours are inhaled carrying the medication direct to the lungs and at the same time acting as a rubefacient and antiphlogistic ( counter irritant) covering.


Camphor is an evergreen tree of Asia and Australia with aromatic leaves and wood. Leaves of the camphor tree have a red colour with the new growth, turning to a deep green and the leaves smell like camphor when crushed. The tree has many branches and white flowers which grow in small clusters. it also has a red berry fruit much like the cinnamon tree.

The Chinese attribute many medicinal virtues to camphor. Marco Polo in the 13th Century and Camoens in 1571 called it the "balsam of disease". Camphor oil is used as a rubefacent and sedative liniment and is excellent when used for local rheumatism, sprains, bruises and neuralgia.

Camphor has been used historically in medicine internally for its calming influence in hysteria, nervousness and neuralgia and for serious diarrhoea. Externally it is used as a counter irritant in rheumatism, sprains, bronchitis and in inflammatory conditions. Its great value is in colds, chills and inflammatory complaints.

Camphor has a strong penetrating fragrant odour, a bitter pungent taste and is slightly cold to the touch like menthol leaves, it numbs the sensory nerves and is slightly antiseptic. It is not readily absorbed by the mucous membrane, but is easily absorbed by the subcutaceous tissue. It combines in the body with glucuronic acid and in this condition is voided by the urine.

The Chinese use camphor for embalming purposes and to scent soap as well as in medicinal preparations.

For human health, camphor has been used extensively in liniments, external analgesics, skin care, counter irritants, topical decongestants, haemorrhoidal remedies, wart removers, cold sore and fever blister remedies.

In animal health camphor has been used in liniments, external analgesics, equine and bovine salves and udder balms.

Oil of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Oil is an organic essential oil derived fro the leaves of the Eucalyptus Tree native to Australia. Eucalyptus Oil is a traditional Aboriginal remedy used primarily as an antiseptic. It is often used as an inhalant, in ointments, in aromatherapy preparations or as an oil as a cleaner or medicinal aid.

Eucalyptus contains strong antibacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic and anti viral compounds and can be used for skin conditions.

All the Eucalyptus trees - of which there are 600 or so species - originate from Australia. They have been transported to many parts of the world, notably Central Asia, North Africa and California. The evergreen Eucalyptus Tree's bark can exude a sweet smelling gum, however it is the leaves that contain the droplets of essential oil, and those of the Tasmanian Blue Gum are the most esteemed in healing.

Eucalyptus has been distilled at least as far back as 1788 when two doctors John White and Dennis Cossiden distilled Eucalyptus for its use in treating chest problems and colic. The first works on the antiseptic and bacterial properties of the oil were published in Germany by Drs Colez (1870), Faust and Homery (1874). They classified it as being sudorific, a stimulant, anticatarrhal and astringent. It was prescribed for all respiratory system conditions such as bronchitis, fly asthma and coughs. These properties are still best known today.

The Eucalyptus Oil in Medicated Ointment helps it to be extremely effective for arthritis, rheumatism, backaches, muscle aches, sinus, head congestion, asthma, chest congestion, bronchitis, cold sores, rashes, insect bites, burns, sores, cuts and abrasions, canker sores and sunburn.


Menthol oil is extracted from an aromatic perennial herb which is then carefully processed to manufacture menthol. The oil is distilled in a fractionating column and then chilled to a temperature of -40°C to separate the menthol, which is later crystalised by slow cooling.

Menthol crystals are colourless and have a refreshing mint odour with a cool sensation in the mouth and have a characteristic mint flavour.

Menthol provides relief from nasal congestion by causing a cool sesnation in the nose and also relieves the symptoms of sore throat and couch by a local anaesthetic action. The antimicrobial activity of essential oils such as menthol may also help inhibit infection of the airway by pathogenic viruses aned bacteria.

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