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Propolis Salve $12.50
This is an outstanding product that has been used by my family for 50 years.  Painful slivers are softened and dissolve without pain.  It is an outstanding product that can be used for many concerns.  A little goes a long way.  I highly recommend it.

Lorraine; Coaldale; AB.; wrote to say that Antiseptic Salve was the best. That they used it for Chemo/Radiation Burn. and everything else

dudeman1961 reported to say: My mom found this for sale at a fair 30 years ago and said she used it when she was a kid, she bought a Tin and i used it for 20 years.  In a move I have lost it. Thanks to the internet, I have found it again!!

What you use the product fore: cuts burns, just any thing with an sore !
Personal Notes: i use the last can i had  it was called man an beast salve  then i opened  the new can its about 17 yrs old ,have used it almost up will be ordering more as we now live in the woods an its good for a lot of things  not to mention saves going to the doc  for small things like when i cut my hand open with a dull knife , i cleaned the cut  it was deep but not long  then applied the rawleighs salve  bandaged it  changed it 3 times  always using  the salve  an it was darn near healed in a week  just had to heal in side   but now i don't even have problems  glad i had some  an will be ordering more now that i found your web site . i have even used it on my friends when they got hurt  an they have ask me where to get some now that i know you ll be getting some orders from them too i hope !!thank you Mr. Keeven Fulton

A more recent customer wrote and left there message:
I wish the cover was more like a peanut butter jar that is easier to twist off (arthritis is a problem with the can lid now)
Your Satisfaction with the product: 10
What you use the product fore: any cut
Personal Notes: This product has been used for at least 77 years in my family.  We have always called it "GRAMMY salve" and it is the ONLY antiseptic salve that is currently being kept in 4 generations of medicine cabinents.  Keep up the good work!

Milisa Martin of Newburg, MO says: I have psorisis and I am looking for something that can help with that. So far the antiseptic salve has been really good at relieving a lot of the problem.  I also have scars  and would like that to fade.  This propolis salve has been wonderful for dry cracking skin.




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